Improve Your Golfing Skills to Enjoy your Game

There is not a question about it, the golf swing is one of the most difficult moves in sports. There are too many muscles in your body that need to kick in for it. It’s like a complicated machine. The more moving parts it has, the more difficult its task, and the more likely it is that some parts will malfunction and will need to be fixed or replaced.

Where you are performing a golf swing, your body is like that complicated machine. With all that’s involved in a golf swing, something usually can go wrong. And just like the mechanic who fixes the machine has to figure out what’s wrong with it, so you, too, must realize what part of your swing needs fixing.

Getting Back to Square One

When you started golfing, you were probably very alert to every move you needed to make to swing your golf club. The reason was that it was all new; it wasn’t second nature to you yet. But as time passed, you had begun to take for granted what you were doing and so you became lax and stopped concentrating on your every move.

Furthermore, it’s very likely that in the beginning you acquired some bad habits, and that these bad habits are by now ingrained in your muscle memory, so you are not aware of them. To get better, you must break down each component of your golf swing to its constitutive elements in order to observe just what it is that you may now be doing wrong.

Keep in mind, though, that the human eye is not up to this job. Complex moves need the seeing eye of a video record of your swing. This is of extreme importance. When you can see yourself in slow motion, you can detect your weaknesses and thus become enabled with the wherewithal to overcome them.

Working on Your Pre-Swing Mechanics

When you concentrate on your pre-swing mechanics, you have a chance to really improve your golf swing. See to it that your position is right. See to it that your body is properly squared off. See to it that the ball is in its proper location. You should also make sure that your weight is distributed the right way. And that your stance is correct. And don’t forget your grip. See to it that your wrists are positioned properly as you move through your entire swing. It isn’t easy for a golfer to be sure that every move during the duration of a golf swing is as it should be.

If you see to it that both your pre-swing and your swing itself are as they ought to be, you should be on your way to improving your overall game. This will lead to better games. And better games will increase the joy of your golfing.